A web scraping research of Monsterindia.com data science job posts using selenium.

I carried out this research to enlighten all aspiring data scientists and it was inspired by @shareefshaik1375 KDnuggets Post

As the world becomes more data-driven, the demand for data-driven solutions continue to increase. Hence, the transition into the data science fields. Every aspiring data scientist often find themselves asking the following questions.

  1. What years of experience are employers looking for?
  2. What are the job roles employers are demanding for?
  3. What are the required skills to become a data scientist?

I found myself asking the same questions when I…

Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

Are you trying to become proficient at extracting business queries? Then this article is for you.

As an aspiring data-driven professional, becoming proficient at extracting SQL queries from databases is not a herculean task as you might have perceived it to be. All that is required is consistency and constant practice. At the end of attempting these 50 business queries and answers, you will become confident in your skills at writing business queries because these practice queries will cover most SQL syntax like create, insert, update, delete, wildcard expressions, etc.

There are many popular databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server…

Musili Adebayo

I am an aspiring data scientist committed to solving real-world and business problems. Twitter handle: @ChickenLeg05

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